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Opening remarks December 2016

As I sit down to write these opening remarks the words of the young child from Ficino mentioned by Karen Crompton in her article later in this issue arise unbidden each time I look out my window. The “gloryness” of creation… yes, the creation is indeed glorious. The fresh blooming of our pohutukawa trees delights [...]

Shakespeare: ‘He was not of an age, but for all time.’

Shakespeare: ‘He was not of an age, but for all time.’ (Ben Jonson. preface to the First Folio of 1623) A recent online course reawakened a love of Shakespeare and a recognition of just how important are his works. Great art has the capacity to instruct, expose, enrich and enliven, but more importantly, to evoke [...]

Go on, have a go… at Go!

Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players. The object of the game is to control more of the board than the opponent, a simple goal that leads to the elegant and fascinating complexities of Go. Playing the game can even aid in the search for enlightenment! The game was invented in ancient [...]

A Philosophical Journey

The Watsons were invited to attend two weeks studying Plato and Plotinus at Townley Hall in Ireland, led by Dr David Horan. Having visited Townley Hall for a night 15 years ago and heard glowing reports from Mr Preston and Simon Laurent we were looking forward to our Plato studies and to viewing the building [...]

Book Corner Christmas news.

Well its almost Christmas again and the usual problem of finding a suitable gift arises. This is easily solved with a book. Carefully chosen it not only provides information and entertainment for the lucky recipient, but also is a gift of “time out”. That is, time needs to be put aside to read and enjoy, [...]

The ‘Gloryness’ of Creation

Philosophy Lessons with Class 1 On Monday mornings in Class 1 (5 year olds) at Ficino School we have a philosophy lesson. It lasts for about half an hour and consists of some reading, discussion and mindfulness practices. This term we have been looking at the story of creation based upon the Circle of Nine [...]

“It’s the Question, Neo. It’s the Question that drives us…”

“What is…” This talk as presented at the spring Cultural Day really has its roots in a couple of ideas given to the students at the 2015 Plato Event in Delphi by Pantezis Tzelemanis, Dr Horan’s assistant in translation. A gifted academic in his own right, Pantezis is very, very knowledgeable about Greek history and [...]

Steps to Sanskrit Week

There is a traditional Sanskrit verse which essentially says, “take one step at a time”. It’s a kind of discipline of living in the present and meeting each situation fully and with trust. Doing this, I’ve found you watch the universe unfold in front of you. This year, taking one step at a time, I [...]